How to defend yourself?

When you receive a charge sheet / a memorandum do not allow your hurt emotions to overtake you, do not lose your equilibrium and turn to despair, when you know that it is based on false information/grounds. A charge Sheet is not a punishment, but an impending threat. Do not hasten to assume malicious intention on the part of the management, when charge sheet is served. You need to take following steps


i. Recollect from all sources including stretching of your memory to pool all facts, documents and particulars about the "Issues-in-dispute" and have a rough compilation of the material particulars.


ii. Please send copies of material collected by you along with copy of memo / charge sheet to us through email or simply upload from our Home Page;


iii. Based on the material given to you can defend yourself during the inquiry proceedings. However, if you are not feeling confident enough, Identify a suitable person to act as your defence-assisting officer, when the inquiry is ordered and taking him into confidence immediately, by disclosing all relevant information about the disciplinary case and steps already effected by you and the material supplied by us.


Disciplinary proceedings are to be viewed as a neutral forum. Do not allow it to be usurped by the Presenting Officer as his exclusive domain. Your efforts at this stage should be oriented towards making using these proceedings to redeem yourself. Do not waste time in seeking adjournments. Do not over-state about procedural violations. If you feel such violations may jeopardise your interest, just bring it to the notice of the Inquiry Authority and get your statement pointing out such violation recorded in the proceedings. The Inquiry Authority would give his ruling. At this stage the matter should rest with that.


Departmental Inquiry Forum is a quasi-judicial court, handled by lay-men, who may not be familiar with correct procedural standards, but still at the end may give a finding that you are innocent, based on the facts presented. Act on this presumption and give more and more importance to present all relevant facts to explain the core contents of the charge sheet. You have to bring out your competence and courage in a background of cool mode of calmness and self-confidence.