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Our aim is to keep Bank Emplyees updated of latest development and also to help those who are under stress after receiving a memo / chargesheet for some honest mistake and many times for no mistake at all.

The Specific areas in which we can help you are

  • Replying the Memo / charge sheet

  • Collecting your evidence

  • Guidance in Handling witnesses

  • Drafting your defence statement and/or Brief

  • Drafting your appeal

Please do not reply the charge sheet hastily. You must verify the records, collect all the particulars and submit your reply after taking advice.

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If you are facing a memo or chargesheet send following details immediately  or  contact  / inform us at care@bankershelpline,com. CONFIDENTIALITY ASSURED

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In case of multiple files, please send them to care@bankershelpline.com

We will try to respond to you within 3 calendar days from the date of receipt of email 

BANKERS WEEKLY is our Weekly Newsletter devoted exclusively to what matters to bankers, with content distilled from a large number of sources. Apart from News during the week which is of intertest to Bankers, each issue carries 2/3 articles on Topics relevant to Bankers plus Links to large number of articles, Videos, Explainers etc on developments in Banking, Economics and technology. It also has a Banking Quiz to rebrush your knowledge of Day to Day Banking.

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01/19 - 01/23

A collection of over 45 articles on Banking, Economics, Banking Technology, Terminolgy written by eminent bankers, Economists,     Technologists and Legal Experts published during the year 2019-20.


Very Useful for Group Discussions and Promotion Interviews.



01/19 - 01/23

A layman guide to the process of Disciplinary Action written in very simple language. Written specially for Officers in Public Sector Banks.


It will help the officers in facing any such unfortunate event calmly without getting emotional. Every Bank Officer must have this knowledge.

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I found the Bankers Weekly magazine very helpful for my Interview preparation. I recommend it to every banker to remain updated

Topics in banking 2019 gave me so many ideas on future of banking. It was very useful during my discussions for interviews for the post of GM

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