Mock Interview and Group Discussions

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Some of the common pain points for bank officers aspiring for promotion are

  1. There is so much to prepare before an interview, I don't know what the interviewers will ask

  2. I knew the answers but was so tense that could not reply properly

  3. The board members asked me questions for which I should have known the answers, but I just did not read about it before the interview

  4. -----

  5. and so, on


Take the help of BANKERS' HELPLINE and sail through your interview confidently.


At BANKERS' HELPLINE, our experts study your biodata thoroughly and prepare you for your promotion interview as per your needs.

SALIENT FEATURES of our Confidence Building System are


  1. Half an hour interactive session in which our experts explain to you

  • How to prepare for an interview

  • Key Focus areas for study

  • How to answer a question

  • What not to answer

  • Your Dress Code and Interview Etiquettes

  1. Reading Material in the shape of e-books depending on the level to which you are aspiring to be promoted to.

  2. Mock Interview by a panel suitable for you drawn from our team of Experts which includes four retired CMDs, Six retired Executive Directors, and fourteen retired GMs/DGMs (specializing in areas like Treasury, Risk Management, Credit Management, MSME, NPA Management, etc.)

  3. Feedback on your performance during the mock interview and some more tips

  4. Video of the Mock Interview to help you in Self-Assessment


For those who have to appear for a Group Discussion to qualify for the Promotion Interview, we prepare them for the Group Discussion by


  1. Educating them about the etiquettes of participating in a Group Discussion

  2. List of Trending Group Discussion Topics

  3. Study Material in the shape of an e-book that has articles on various trending topics in the banking industry written by eminent bankers, economists & legal experts, Links to articles on banking and Indian economics published in Newspapers / Magazines, Links to Videos of Discussions, webinars, and Interviews on topics of interest to bankers.

  4. Two mock group discussions with other candidates who belong to the same peer group

  5. Individual Feedback/ Assessment by Mentors to each candidate on performance during the Mock Group Discussion

  6. Video of Mock Group Discussion to help the candidate in Self-Assessment.




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