Former GM UBI & ED Dhanalakshmi Bank

Wish you all a Happy & Enjoyable new year 2018! The idea itself emerges out of the desire with empathy to help the needy on whom greedy, timid, jealous, ulterior motive bosses have attempted /are attempting to damage the reputation, future and morare of the employee at any level in Banks. Of late the number of such bosses is increasing as a corollary to the happening in the other fields of the society. The desire of the members of this learned group to ensure the principles of Natural justice are given their due to up hold justice & fair play. I was General Manager, Union Bank of India, Mumbai and was Executive Director, Dhanalakshmi Bank ,Trichur and presently Managing Director of a Group of companies abroad. I sincerely appreciate the efforts of this team of Bankers & Empathisers to help the needy Bank Staff & victim of the machinations of some of the Superiors of the Bankers. Wishing you all strength and success in your endeavor!


"You will stay here forever to help all the inhabitants of the earth" - Lord Rama blessed Hanuman ji. My belief about this vardaan got even more intensified when I met him.


He came as an avatar of Hanuman ji for me and helped me throughout my tough time. I can't imagine handling those situations and coming out of them so smoothly; had he not been with me.


At that time he was still serving the Bank and was overburdened with work most of the times, but that never affected his willingness to help people and he was always available in even-odd hours.


I highly recommend everyone to approach him in the hour of need. Having him by your side would be an assurance of relief from all your distress.


Thank you once again.


It is a noble idea and need of hour keeping in view the present working environment



My compliments for quickly reaching the stage of acceptability and the passion with which you are maintaining the standards.